Night Owl Kids Care, llc.

Childcare Staffing Solutions for Military, Corporate, and Private Event or Contracting Needs

Military Watchcare Programs & General Contracting Needs

Night Owl Kids Care provides exceptional childcare staffing solutions to military bases throughout the United States and overseas. We are responsible for maintaining a pool of professional childcare workers that we manage, train, and monitor for your ongoing needs throughout the year. In compliance with CYSS, AR 608-18, and AR-608-10 Codes. 

If your Religious Support Office would like help with your program, please contact us today for a Capability Statement and Bid. If you are not specifically with a Watch Care Program, but need staffing for your facility or group on post, please contact our office at (706) 577-8727 or [email protected]

Corporate Childcare Staffing Solutions (Non-Military)

Just the same as we go to great lengths to exceed the security standards and needs of the Department of Defense, we will provide customized staffing solutions for your corporation's or church's ongoing childcare needs. State and local regulations will be met for each specific program and location. Please contact our office at (706)577-8727 or [email protected]

We look forward to working with you!