Night Owl Kids Care, llc.

Childcare Staffing Solutions for Military, Corporate, and Private Event & Contracting Needs

Night Owl Caregivers Are
 Professional   Well Spoken   Knowledgeable   Experienced   Drug & Crime Free   Hands-On  Creative   Compassionate   Nurturing
Night Owl Caregivers Receive
Agency Backing     A Personal & Group Booking Page    Training & Certification    Flexible Schedules    Secure Clients    Office Support    Client Referrals   Contract Assistance
Night Owl Caregiver Fees
Only $15.00/month 
Receiving access to hundreds of dollars worth of professional office support, contract assistance, & constant connections to new clients & potentially long-term money making opportunities!

Apply Now

If you meet the basic requirements to work with NOKC and you feel that you have a genuine desire to provide exceptional care to our clients, we invite you to apply.  Our application process consists of the following steps:

Express your interest by applying through or Night Owl Kids Care Facebook page

Complete online Pre-Interview Application and telephone screening. Only candidates well qualified will be asked to complete this step.

Accept Invitation to face-to-face or telephone interview.  If we feel that you could be an excellent member of the NOKC Team, we will invite you to a personal interview with a member of management.  Be prepared to provide an updated resume and reference sheet, and the $25 background check fee, if you haven’t previously done so.

Attend Orientation & Training


Tips for making a great impression during the application process:

Update your resume- Be sure that your resume contains accurate information and highlights your childcare experience and skills

Provide professional references only. List references who are your current or former supervisor, manager, client, etc. A professional reference is a person who has first-hand knowledge of your abilities, skills, and performance as they pertain to positions you’ve held.  If your experience is volunteer work or an internship, you may list references who can attest to your performance in that capacity. Do not include relatives as professional references.

Be prepared for your telephone interview. Make sure you are at a location that is free of distractions and noise. Speak clearly during your telephone interview.  This is our first opportunity to actually hear from you directly and we want to be sure that we can understand your responses to our questions.  It’s equally important to us that you understand everything we say to you.  Put thought and consideration into your answers and deliver them in a professional and knowledgeable manner.

Be prepared for your face-to-face interview. Review the NOKC website prior to your interview so that you will be able to express to us why you are interested in working with us.  This will also better equip you to ask us questions about our company.  Be honest.  Tell us what types of assignments you are looking for and the types of families you would like to serve. The more open you are with us, the better we will be able to match you with assignments you’ll find gratifying.

Present a professional, mature, and friendly demeanor. While our line of work does not typically require “business” attire, it is important to dress appropriately (business casual) for your interview.  Remember, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression!  Time is valuable. Let’s make this a productive interview!