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Brief Description of Childcare Options

Sitter: A sitter is a caregiver you hire occasionally or as needed. This can be for a date night, to run errands, finish work, overnights, a quick sitter to fill in when your child is sick or out of school/daycare, absolutely any reason. At Night Owl Kids Care, our sitters are dedicated childcare professionals that have completed and passed the NOKC Standard and are devoted to providing exceptional care to your children when and where you need it. Book Now or see below for more information. 

Nanny: If you are looking for ongoing care, whether it is temporary (3 months), newborn care (1 month), or long term, part time or full time, this caregiver is characterized as a nanny. You submit an inquiry in the link below describing your needs and proposed salary and our office staff recruits and completes the NOKC Vetting Process to present you with the best caregivers to suit your needs. We recruit within our company as well as to the general public. We then facilitate the interviews, you select your caregiver, and we prepare the contract. Please see agency fees below. Submit an Ongoing Care Request now. 

Wedding Care/Private Event Care: If you have an upcoming personal event (not affiliated with a company), please submit an inquiry describing your needs. We have basic rates listed below, however, we will provide a consultation with you based on your specific needs listed in your submission. Click here to submit an Event Care Request now.

Corporate/Military Care: If you have an upcoming event, celebration, or conference where you'd like to offer childcare to guests, please submit an Event Care Request and provide details for us. We will contact you soon with options that best suit your wants and needs!

Agency Fees and Rates

Booking a Sitter:

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Annual Sitter Membership

Finding a Nanny:

Agency Placement Fees

Maternity Services 

Additional Services

Wedding & Private Event Care

Crying babies? Antsy children? Necessary diaper change? No worries when the Night Owl Team is at your wedding or private event. We have options for every planner or bride to offer guests who have children the ability to attend your ceremony or reception without the worry of childcare or constantly tending to the little ones. Below are package options to offer your guests with children. For detailed quotes and upgrades, please submit an Event Care Request and we will contact you shortly!

Serving Each Attending Family Individually

Up to 10 Children

Short Notice Requests

Columbus Area Corporate or Military Event Care