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Terms & Conditions

Important: After submitting a booking request, first time families must submit a Family Information Form with a picture of their Valid Government Issued ID attached before service can be confirmed. Submit Family Information Form Now

Booking a Sitter/ Occasional Care Instructions

When booking a sitter, you must add the following information:

  • Your First & Last Name 
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Service Address

  • The Comments/Optional Section: 

  1. Provide details on your location name, entry requirements, or access codes. If you reside in a location that typically is hard to find or access via GPS, it is your responsibility to make special note of this and to add this in the instructions. A caregiver will not be held responsible for arriving late based on lack of knowledge that the location is not accurate in GPS/MapQuest. 
  2. Provide details on your needs for the specific service.
  3. Provide feeding or sleeping requirements for each child. Health information. 
  4. List all children in diapers/those who need assistance
  5. Any House Rules, etc.

  • Timeframe: Please put your specific start and end time, and specify the timezone.
  • Kids Names & Ages: List each child's first & last name and age.
  • Health Concerns: List all medical conditions, allergies, or special needs that may impact the service
  • Pets/Breeds: List all pets that are present in the home, even if they will be in a separate area
  • Transport Needs: If you need your caregiver to transport the children anywhere, please provide the details, addresses, and times they need to be transported. Please be aware that Travel Reimbursement is required and is separate from the regular rate paid to your caregiver upon arrival. The standard travel reimbursement rate is  $0.54/mile if you expect the caregiver to use their vehicle. 
  • Proposed Pay: List in this area the amount you are agreeing to pay your caregiver for the time frame you placed. It is expected that the guaranteed rates will be paid, however, if your amount differs, you should put the total amount you are planning to pay upon their arrival so the caregiver can confirm or deny the service appointment. 

Fees & Guaranteed Rates: 

Agency Fees: Payment due at the time of booking to hold your caregiver. The agency fee is non-refundable and is separate from the payment you owe the sitter for service. 

Guaranteed Rates are the amounts to be paid to your sitter/caregiver for guaranteed service. The guaranteed rates are listed under each service's description on the booking page or on the website under your area's services tab. 

Proposed Pay Section on the Booking Form: You are allowed to put a rate less or more than the guaranteed rates depending on your expectations for the service. However, it is pending approval of the caregiver requested. For example, if you need a sitter to run errands, transport children, and clean the house- this would be a far higher proposed rate than our standard guaranteed sitter rates. Also, some request a sitter while the children are sleeping, and would like to propose a lesser rate than our Guaranteed Rates. All requests are subject to approval and acceptance by the caregiver. *Please be considerate of the amount you are posting, because once you pay the agency fee, it is, in most cases, non-refundable. Please do not put a proposed pay of an extremely lower amount than what is recommended. 

Paying your Sitter: The projected total cost is due to your caregiver at the beginning of service and upon arrival. This must be in exact cash, as our caregivers are instructed not to carry extra cash on them. 

If you need more time than originally planned or expected:  this is pending approval. You should contact your caregiver as early as possible and ask their permission and the caregiver will either accept or decline depending on their availability. Any additional funds should be paid to the caregiver in exact cash when the service is over. Extended pay is by the half hour. So, if you arrive 15 minutes late, you are expected to pay an additional half of what the guaranteed rate is for an hour, even if you originally agreed to a lesser proposed amount. Any extended time is always based on standard guaranteed rates for that specific service. 

Non-Payment or Unpaid Balances: If you do not pay what is owed to the caregiver at the beginning of service, this may result in cancellation of service by the caregiver and without refund of agency fees to the client. If you extend time or utilize transportation services from the caregiver and do not pay what is additionally due ($0.54/mi), you will be invoiced via paypal with a late fee. If there is a non payment, the client risks expulsion from Night Owl Kids Care future services, forfeiting future bookings or already pending reservations as well. 

Client Safety Agreement:

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that by submitting the booking request, he or she is legally granted authorization in the  responsibility for all children listed on the form. 

The Clinet/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that he or she is  legally responsible for choosing to leave the children under the care and supervision of the NOKC caregiver. 

The Client/Parent/ Booker understands and agrees that he or she has provided truthful and accurate information about themselves, their residence, the children's names, ages, and health information on the booking submission as well as the Family Information Form.

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that if the information provided on the booking form or on the Family Information form appears to be falsified or inaccurate upon arrival, they will be subject to a different pay rate or risk cancellation of service, and possible expulsion from any future or pending NOKC services, forfeiting already paid agency fees.

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that the service location is secure, with proper locks on all exits/entries of the service area.

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that there will be no other parties present in the service location/residence, other than the people listed on the form. If any adults will be present, Client/Parent/Booker must list them and provide a copy of each adult's ID. The service will be pending approval.

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that their service location is free of illegal weapons. 

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that if there are weapons on the property, this will be disclosed in the Family Information Form and all weapons will be locked securely, and out of reach of the children. 

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that their service location is free of drugs and illegal activities.

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that their residence is reasonably clean and serviceable: free of extreme odors (smoke, drugs, feces or urine) , pest free, rodent free, roach free. 

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that the caregiver will have access to a reasonably clean and furnished working environment, which includes somewhere to sit and access to clean and working restroom facilities.

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees to fully disclose and educate NOKC and the caregiver on any potential behavioral threats by any child(ren) during the service as well as any pets present during the service.

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that it is their responsibility to either introduce pets to the caregiver to ensure comfort, or seclude pets from the service area to ensure the safety of the child(ren) and caregiver. 

The Client/Parent/Booker understands and agrees that Night Owl Kids Care, LLC. makes great effort to provide high quality childcare providers through pre-screening, interviewing, and training methods, however, I, the Client/Parent/Booker cannot and will not hold Night Owl Kids Care, LLC. liable for any mishaps, incidents, emergencies, etc. arising during or after services. 

I, the Client/Parent/Booker, understand and agree that if I suspect a crime has been committed by a caregiver, I should report it to Night Owl Kids Care, but also call local authorities to report that specific caregiver. 

I, the Client/Parent/Booker, understand and agree that if I know or suspect a crime has been committed against a caregiver or during a service, it is my responsibility to report it to Night Owl Kids Care, LLC. by contacting the office directly at 706-577-8727 or by notating the concerns on the Electronic Service Completion Form,  and additionally to the local authorities.

I, the Client/Parent/Booker, understand and agree that agency fees are due to the company, NOKC, separate from the caregiver. 

I, the Client/Parent/Booker, understand and agree to only book the NOKC caregivers through appropriate NOKC channels:, the office 706-577-8727, through the website or through the booking pages. 

I, the Client/Parent/Booker, understand and agree to not contact any caregiver personally for new service. I understand and agree to request future service through NOKC. I understand that if I do not follow the appropriate channels, the caregiver is obligated to notify the office and it may result in expulsion from any future or pending  NOKC services, forfeiting already paid agency fees for any pending future services.